What Are the Benefits of Toyota OEM Parts?

2021 Toyota Camry models

If your Toyota vehicle needs a part replacement, you’ll likely find both OEM parts and aftermarket parts options as you shop around the Huntsville, AL area. Aftermarket parts can be enticing with their lower prices, but there are lots of advantages of choosing Toyota OEM parts for all of your repairs. For starters, Toyota OEM parts offer greater reliability and longevity –– you can expect them to last just as long as the original components since, like the originals, they’re designed and manufactured by Toyota. Landers McLarty Toyota discusses the importance of Toyota OEM parts, below.

Why Rely On OEM Parts?

OEM––or Original Equipment Manufacturer––parts are produced by the same company that built your vehicle. In our case, that would be Toyota. This means that Toyota OEM parts can be relied upon to provide an exact fit for your Corolla or Highlander because they’re identical to the part you need to replace.

Aftermarket parts, though often cheaper than OEM car parts, are not associated with the OEM at all. They’re manufactured by third-party companies, intended to “fit” as many makes and models as possible. While production is ramped up and corners are often cut, the quality of aftermarket parts often takes a nosedive. Because they weren’t intended for your make and model’s specifications, aftermarket parts may cause your vehicle’s functions and performance to take a hit.

These are just a few of the reasons why it’s best to opt for OEM parts when your Toyota requires a replacement. Other key benefits include:

  • Exacting Fit – No matter what model or model year you’re shopping for, our parts department can get the Toyota OEM parts you need. You can rest assured they’re designed for your vehicle’s specifications, so they’ll provide a just-right fit.
  • Enduring Quality – Toyota’s reputation for quality and reliability is extended to Toyota OEM parts. Your replacement parts should last just as long as the originals with proper care and maintenance, and when you get your parts from an authorized dealer like Landers McLarty Toyota, they’re protected by a 12-month, unlimited mile warranty!
  • Easy Browsing – Sifting through aftermarket parts can quickly become overwhelming, and it’s not always certain that you’re getting exactly what you need. When you shop for Toyota OEM parts, you can shop by model, year, and trim, so there’s no questioning whether you’re selecting the correct parts.

What Are Some Popular OEM Car Parts?

We have a comprehensive selection of Toyota OEM parts at our dealership in Fayetteville. Some of the more commonly requested parts include:

  • Windshield Wipers – On rainy days in Hazel Green, AL, you don’t want to be without functioning windshield wipers. If your wiper blades are starting to “skip” across the windshield or are not wiping the rain away in a clean line, you can get genuine Toyota wiper blades at Landers McLarty Toyota.
  • Exterior Mirrors – In the unfortunate event that your vehicle is side-swiped in Madison, AL and you’re left without a side mirror, our parts department can get it replaced in no time.
  • All-Season Floor Mats – While not necessarily an essential accessory, all-season floor mats are popular among local drivers to keep the interior of their vehicle protected from rain, mud, dust, spills, and more.
  • Roof Mount Rails and Attachments – Do you go on a lot of road trips or bicycle adventures? You can have OEM roof rails and luggage or bike carrier attachments installed at our dealership for a great price!

Find Toyota OEM Parts at Landers McLarty Toyota

OEM parts are more affordable at Landers McLarty Toyota, where we offer ongoing parts and service specials to help you save. Need help finding the right OEM car parts for your vehicle? Contact us at your convenience and we’ll be happy to assist! When it’s time to install your parts, you can rely on our service department for a job done right.

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