How Long Do Car Brakes Last?

Mechanic Inspecting Brake Pads and Rotors
Your car’s brake system plays one of the most crucial roles in keeping you safe on Huntsville, AL and Hazel Green, AL roads. If your brakes aren’t performing well, it will take less time for you to reach a full stop, which can put you in danger if there’s an emergency that requires you to stop immediately. So, how long do car brakes last? Typically, car brakes have a lifespan of 25,000 to 65,000 miles, but it depends on several factors that are unique to each driver in Fayetteville. In the guide below, our service center aims to clear up any confusion you have about how many miles do brakes last.

How Many Miles Do Brakes Last?

Why is there such a large gap in the range for “how many miles do brakes last?” It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact mileage interval because it can vary drastically between drivers. The best place to start is with your owner’s manual, which should recommend when to replace the brakes on your specific make and model. You may also find a brake service schedule that can help you get the longest life possible from your brakes.

If you’re driving a Toyota and you take your vehicle to an authorized Toyota service center, the technicians can recommend when to replace Toyota brakes based on torque calculations, performance specs, and other factors. When you have your brakes replaced at an authorized dealership service center, you can rest assured that OEM Toyota parts are being used for maximum performance and longevity.

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

Brake pads are a vital component of your car’s brakes. How long do the brake pads last? Approximately 40,000 to 50,000 miles, but again, the true interval will vary between drivers. It’s important that you replace the brake pads when necessary because bad brake pads will shorten the lifespan of the larger brake system.

What Factors Affect Brake Pad Life?

  • Driving Habits: Brake pads are prone to wear out faster if you tend to brake hard. The best practice is to coast to a stop and brake gently.
  • Environment: If you’re constantly hitting the brakes in stop-and-go traffic and for traffic lights or stop signs, the brake pads will wear out faster. Highway driving usually requires less braking overall due to the lack of intersections, so it will be easier on the brake pads.
  • Ceramic vs. Metal Brake Pads: The material of brake pads also affects how long they’ll last. Carbon-ceramic brake pads usually last longer than standard metallic brake pads, but they’re also a bit pricier. Unsure of your car’s brake pad type? The info should be in your owner’s manual.

Is Your Car Shaking When You Brake?

If you feel your car shaking when you hit the brakes, you should schedule a service appointment without delay. More often than not, it’ll be an issue with the brake system that is causing the shaking, but it could also be caused by one of the reasons listed below. Either way, you’ll want to have your car inspected immediately.

Other Reasons for Shaking When Braking

  • One of the tires is no longer round (also known as “run out”)
  • A wheel balancing or wheel alignment is needed
  • The axle shaft is damaged
  • There are loose wheel nuts
  • A loose control arm or damaged knuckle has compromised the steering system

Toyota Brake Service in Fayetteville

Allow our experienced certified service technicians to replace your Toyota brakes in Fayetteville! We offer ongoing parts and service specials so you can return to driving safely in Madison, AL without breaking the bank. If you have any lingering questions or would like help comparing ceramic vs. metal brakes, contact us to start a conversation.

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