What’s Included in Toyota 30,000-Mile Service?

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If you’ve chosen a new Toyota, you probably had reliability in mind. Toyota has made sure to help Fayetteville drivers take care of their vehicles with a set of recommended service tasks. One of the most important is the Toyota 30,000-mile service, which occurs after you’ve had your car in Huntsville, AL for about one to three years, depending on how much driving you do in a year. For more information, join the Landers McLarty Toyota service center below, where we’ll cover the Toyota 30,000-mile service list and why it matters.

Toyota 30,000-Mile Service List

What’s included in the Toyota 30,000-mile service list? An array of inspections, replacements, and tune-ups so your vehicle can keep traveling down those Hazel Green, AL roads in top condition. It helps to find a place that uses genuine OEM parts so that you can assure the quality of your service. Here is more information on what’s included in Toyota 30,000-mile service:

Cleaning the Engine

  • You’ll need an oil change to keep things lubricated, and an engine air filter replacement to keep the outside dirt from getting into your engine. An oil filter replacement is another necessary step to make sure your engine stays clean.

Cleaning the Cabin

  • A cabin air filter replacement in addition to cabin air purification will make sure your interior is able to filter out all the particles of dirt that get inside.


Other Systems

  • A fuel system inspection checks all the parts of the fuel system to make sure they don’t need to be replaced.
  • Lubrication of the propeller shaft, driveshaft bushings, and steering knuckles gets your drivetrain back into shape.
  • Lubrication of hood and door hinges will produce noticeable improvements in convenience and reduce wear on your car parts.

Learn More About Toyota Reliability

As noted above, one of the major factors that converts Madison, AL shoppers into Toyota owners is the reliability of Toyota vehicles. Toyota has numerous programs in place to help drivers pursue affordable expert service. There’s the two-year, no-cost maintenance guarantee of ToyotaCare. Then there’s certified Toyota Express Maintenance at dealerships like Landers McLarty Toyota! The Toyota 30,000-mile service list is just one of many services available to Toyota drivers.

Keep Your Toyota in Shape at Landers McLarty Toyota

Here, we want Fayetteville drivers to have a long-lasting vehicle they can rely on for many years to come. Schedule an appointment and review our ongoing service specials for affordable Toyota 30,000-mile service!

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