What Does TPMS Mean?

TPMS Light on Dash
While shopping around for your next vehicle in Huntsville, AL, you may see “TPMS” highlighted as a key feature for many new models. What does TPMS mean? It’s an acronym for “Tire Pressure Monitoring System,” a convenient technology that utilizes tire pressure sensors to alert the driver when one or more of their tires has low air pressure and should be filled. Learn all about the tire pressure monitoring system with Landers McLarty Toyota, below!

What Does the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Do?

As you’re traveling through Hazel Green, AL, you might clip a curb or hit an unexpected bump in the road too hard. These and other occurrences––including variations in outside temperatures––can cause your tire pressure to drop lower than intended. The tire pressure monitoring system is designed to alert you when one or more of your tires has low air pressure so you can promptly fill it up.

The TPMS warning light on your dashboard will likely be a flat tire icon with an exclamation mark in the middle, but it might also be the letters ‘TPMS.’ If you see the warning light illuminated, it means you have low tire pressure. Some modern vehicles also have a display on the digital cluster that shows the exact air pressure of all four tires.

What is the Danger of Low Tire Pressure?

If your tire pressure monitoring system is triggered, you shouldn’t wait too long to fill the affected tire(s) back to the proper air pressure. Driving in Madison, AL with low tire pressure can lead to:

  • Decreased road traction
  • A completely flat tire or a tire blowout
  • Decreased payload capabilities
  • Poor efficiency

Proper Tire Inflation: What to Know

Over-inflated tires can be just as much of a bother as under-inflated tires. Every vehicle comes with a recommended tire pressure, and there are several reasons why it’s important to follow it:

  • Proper tire pressure reduces tread movement, helping your tires last longer
  • Rolling resistance is also reduced, helping you maintain good fuel economy
  • Water dispersion is increased, thereby decreasing the threat of hydroplaning on wet roads

What is the proper tire pressure for your vehicle? Your owner’s manual will tell you the exact number. Sometimes, the tire pressure will be different between the front and rear tires.

TPMS Calibration

After adding air to your tires, the TPMS light should turn off on its own. If it doesn’t, try driving on a highway where the posted speed limit is at least 50 mph. Driving at 50 mph for about 10 minutes may be enough to make the warning light turn off, but if it doesn’t, you might need a Toyota TPMS reset. Often, if a Toyota TPMS reset is required, it’s recommended to bring your vehicle to a certified service center like the one at Landers McLarty Toyota. Here, our technicians can quickly perform a TPMS calibration so you can get back on the road without a problem!

Experiencing Toyota TPMS Sensor Issues?

If there’s a problem with your Toyota TPMS sensor, the tire pressure monitoring system may not function properly. If you suspect an issue, it’s important that you visit a certified Toyota service center where the Toyota TPMS sensor can be replaced with a 100% genuine part if necessary.

Get Trusted TPMS Service in Fayetteville

No matter what type of TPMS service you need, Landers McLarty Toyota can help. Our technicians are experienced in all manner of auto repair, including Toyota TPMS resets and sensor replacements. We can also help non-Toyota drivers with their vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system! Schedule an appointment to get started today after reviewing our current service specials.

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